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About Bidhya Sagar English Boarding School

    Bidhya Sagar E.B. School was established in 2056 BS with a perspective of enhancing critical and creative minds who can face the multifarious challenges in practical life in an ever increasingly complex and competitive world. Along with the takeover of this school by the new Management Committee since 2069 BS, the school has made a great leap in innovative and creative academic arena having 450 students and 40 staff including teaching and non-teaching both. The school has successfully felicitated eight batches of SEE graduates so far with outstanding academic excellence.

The school is committed to shoulder the process of nation building and social change through innovative and creative education to its students with the support of parents and the stakeholders. The school is including Montessori wing with best designed classroom from the Academic Session-2077 as well.

Bidhya Sagar School student Ms Ashaswi Karki set the record in its history in the SEE of 2074 with outstanding result. The highest GPA is 3.95 which is the highest in Gokarneshwor Municipality itself.

This school is running in full-fledged pace with the active involvement of students in different academic and co-curricular activities with ample support from our parents and stakeholders. With a strong intellectual heartbeat, an unequivocal commitment from the teachers and staff along with the use of advanced technologies and innovation, we are committed to make the best out of each student. We focus on fine-tuning the skills of our students in areas of leadership, public speaking, sports, indoor and outdoor activities, second and third language learning and promotion of innovative hobbies.

Finally, We’d assure to all the parents that through the joint effort of all involved here, we try our best to give you a good and honest person, not merely a good student. 


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