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Why Choose Us !

Why to Choose Bidhya Sagar E.B.S.?

·         New Management with new vision

·         Improved and managed classrooms

·                   ·      Montessori and ECD trained teachers for Preschool level

Be              · Better teaching/learning and communication for students and parents through e-school apps


·         Qualified and experienced teachers from different reputed institutions

·         Hostel with day boarding facility

·         Audio-visual teaching facility

·         Personalized and individual care of children

·         Regular participation in various competitions inside and outside of school

·         Well-equipped library, computer lab, science lab

·         Scholarship facility

·         Child-Centered teaching method

·                             ·         Regular extra and co-curricular activities such as Art class, Dance class, Music class, Yoga meditation, karate, scout class, quiz, debate,                              speech, creative writing, reading practices, Project works, field visits and  Green army activities in which our students are involved such                                as, cleaning school surrounding, roads, temples, seasonal cultivation in school’s kitchen garden