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Boarding facilities (full and partial). 

Bidhya Sagar English Boarding School has got good facilities of hostel. The hostel building is next to the school building. It is well facilitated. There are 4 main staff  in hostel where there are two teachers and two sisters to assist the students. Now there are 25 students living in hostel in friendly environment. All the staff give proper individual care to all students as their own children. They are getting the warm feelings, affection and love as in their homes. Once a week, the students are taken for field visit, tour, etc.

The school hostel after Covid-19 lockdown(2021 AD) has been shifted to another building which is earthquake proof and recently there are around 20 students in hostel. Two students named Laxman Bhandari Grade 3 and Dinesh Bhandari Grade 6 from Jumla are sponsored by a German named Karna Bahadur Deeke. Similarly, a student Arpana Gahatraj Grade 1 is sponsored by an Italian named Fabiene Agliardi.


Hostel Student Arpana Gahatraj from Kavre is sponsored by an Italian Fabiene Agliardi in class 1 for the Academic Session-2080 in Bidhya Sagar E.B. School.

Two hostelers in Bidhya Sagar Hostel from Jumla Mr. Dinesh Bhandari (elder brother) and Mr. Laxman Bhandari (younger brother) in class 6 and class 3 respectively for Academic Session-2080 are sponsored by some German citizens (i.e., Anja Brockmoller for Laxman Bhandari and Silvana Rosemeier, Helga Rosemeier, Sandi and Marcus Rosemeier, Daniela and Rudi for Dinesh Bhandari).