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Birthday Celebration

Children get much excited at the celebration of birthdays. BSEBS doesn’t allow celebration (cutting cake, giving gifts etc.) inside the class. If they do, they should invite teachers and do in the stage.  But for the students of all class from Nursery to class 10, the school collects dates of birth and wishes the student his birthday on assembly with music and provides a birthday card with his name.  The school thinks it as a positive to the parents. They are not allowed to cut cake in school as it disturbs the class and environment. And on teachers’ birthdays, the school manages cake and celebrates the birthdays at the end of a day after all the classes of school are over.


As our slogan “Quality Education Competent Output”, CCA and ECA play vital role to make students competent in every sector. Therefore, BSEBS also conducts CCA/ECA programs class wise and house wise. There are many classes i.e. Dance, Music, Art Scout, Positive Vibration, Quiz, Debate, Handwriting, Essay Writing etc. from junior to senior level.

Outdoor Education (Field Trips)

We believe outside classroom education (Filed Trips) are integral parts of curriculum. The purposes of these activities are not only to educate our students about the culture and tradition, nature and environment but also help them develop their life skills. In terms of our local curriculum "Gokarneshwor," we frequently take students to observe the historical, cultural, religious and industrial sites found in Gokarneshwor Municipality.

Yoga, Art(Drawing), Dance and Music

Particular emphasis is laid on Yoga, art, dance and music. Nepali and folk dance, Western music and dance, instrumental music, dramas and singing are offered to students to develop their knowledge and skills in every segment. Each child takes part in at least one activity at the annual cultural event to exhibit their confidence on stage.

Yoga Om recitation by students